Angelina Jolie- Acrylic

Emotionalism Angelina Jolie, done on acrylic on canvas. The process time for this artwork was 30 hours, over a 2 months worth of time. It went from a block-like look to a more smooth and blended look to fit my personal preference. I would like to thank all my teachers that helped me make this painting possible. 

Preliminary Work

This is my rough sketch work, straight from my sketchbook. At the very start, I approached my artwork through a very formal and and realistic form where as I take a reference photo of Angelina Jolie and paint it based on the original shading and skin tone. I was then inspired by an artist called Nielly Francoise and through him, I created my artwork through the style: emotionalism. After figuring out what I wanted to draw, I planned out the colours that I were to use and how I wanted the the proportion or the portrait itself.


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