character design week update****

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog lately.. but heres are all the weekly designs all bunched up in one post! What I have noticed was that every week my designs were slightly improving whether it was the action, or the overall character in general. Keep on practicing! Enjoy. :) 

Week 2: Witch 
For this character I gave her a shy personality and I reflected that persona through her action; her arms and legs are very bunched up together. If you look closely, I gave her short eyebrows which can also indicate a shy character trait. 

Week 3: Scientist 
I know his action is a bit off but I want my posts to be genuine! As you can see it's a mad scientist with an unknown substance in his hand. I portrayed his personality by giving him a malicious smile with dark thick eyebrows. I was also watching a lot of " the Simpsons"  during that week and as you can see, it has rubbed off on my drawing. So watch a lot of cartoons! It helps. I also added curves and overlapping lines which creates dimension and movement to the coat. 

Week 4: animal gangster
This week's theme was a gangster but in an animal's body. I chose a dog and give him a spiky haircut and mad eyes. I added wrinkles so it can provide exaggeration to the face. I of course had to add the bootcut jeans, leather jacket, choker, and piercings to exaggerate the bad boy look. 

Week 5: Animal king
I wanted to chose a unique animal for this weeks theme, and since a rat king is hardly done I stuck with that. Instead of making the king heroic, I gave him a snarky and evil look through providing thin pointy eyes and eyebrows. I coloured his skin green to emphasize a snarky look. 

Note: When doing character design, you always need a reference. It gives your character a more descriptive detail and it overall just looks better. 

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