character design week 1 : AUSTRONAUT

If you want to get into animation, you'd want to be constantly designing character as it provides you many ideas and it gets you into the concept of drawing characters in general. As you draw more, you may find yourself loosening up whether its coming up with ideas or overall drawing. Every week I am planning on coming up with a new character according to a theme. REMEMBER: when you come up with a character, keep in mind that the pose, outfit, and face of your character should all mesh into one personality. For this design, the girl has a tomboy, lazy, laid back character to her. That's why she's leaning onto the pole and the reasoning behind her thick and pointy eyebrows. I then gave her lazy eyes and small lips to show that she's not very enthusiastic. 
ALSO, line quality! I inked over my lines to show line quality which is HUGE if you want to get into anything art related. Line quality can bring 3 dimension to your drawing. Im going to touch on some of the basics of line quality such as anything infant of an object, the line should be thicker and darker. Anything in the back should be lighter or thinner. Make sure your lines are crisp and not edgy. This only covers up a tiny portion amount of what you need to know about line quality but I will be going over this topic more through future posts.

Have fun designing! 

 note: none of the weekly character design are used in my portfolio. I will be revealing my character for portfolio in late February when I'll be handing it in.

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