hand drawing 01

Here's my hand study from my sketchbook. The first page are drawings from my hand and observing the curves and edges of it. I tried different poses and added construction lines. Remember: construction lines are important! Whether it's for hands or characters, you need construction lines for everything. I then used a red marker to colour the background of 2 of my drawings because 1. it covers up mistakes and 2. it contrasts with the blue pencil so the hands pop out and it's appealing to the eye 3. I helps you practice negative shapes. When practicing negative shapes, you focus on not the hand but the outside of the hand. You would often find many mistakes when you study negative shapes because you pay more attention to proportion of the outside gap. The second hand drawing is cartoon influenced, as the hands are much more exaggerated and bigger than a normal hand. Start drawing cartoon hands once you are comfortable and understand the basic concepts of how to draw hands based off of real life. 

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